Developed for the dental laboratory, our carbide high performance instruments assist dental technicians with their day-to-day work. The acurata imperial laboratory milling cutters allow for optimal surfaces thanks to individually transposed toothing – optimised for the wide range of materials in dental technology. Comprehensive features such as high quality milling, grinding and polishing elements, diamond and sintered diamond discs and mandrels and adapters are also subject to our exacting quality controls and supplement the acurata range. Since 2005, as the first manufacturer of dental tools, acurata has offered a comprehensive and striking range of milling cutters for dental CNC machines (CAD/CAM technology).


The carbide milling cutter has 2 cutting edges in the cutting area with doubled back taper (bevel 1+2). These are bevelled areas which reduce the force generated by the entry of the cutting edge into the milling material. The chip tears off when the cutting edge is withdrawn. This results in smooth surfaces on the work piece being processed. The S point thinning allows for gentle immersion into the material being processed. CAD/CAM milling cutters are suitable for form milling of crown and bridge frameworks made from titanium and partially sintered zirconium oxide ceramic (green or white blanks). As a result of the wide variety of machine systems and different milling strategies, the milling parameters need to be determined individually depending on the system, material and strategy in order to achieve optimal results.

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acurata carbide milling cutters for CNC systems are compatible with well-known machine types such as Amann-Girrbach, VHF, Wieland ZENOTEC, Schütz, Kulzer, Sirona, Zirkonzahn CNC System, I-MES I-CORE, Wieland, Roland, Yenadent and Degos.


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