for dental laboratories and practices

We explore, develop and produce precision: high performance dental instruments at the highest level. By now, dentists and dental laboratories around the world value our practice-oriented, needs-based products since we listen and question – on a level with our customers. In this manner, the highly focused, passionate perfectionists at acurata produce absolutely reliable precision instruments which allow for ultra-precise working in the laboratory and practice. All forces – technical and human – collaborate sensitively to achieve reliability.

Alongside practice instruments such as carbide burs, diamond instruments, polishers and instruments for prophylaxis, we are also specialists in the field of dental laboratory instruments. We also produce top quality milling cutters in the fields of CAD/CAM or oral and maxillofacial surgery.


Carbide, surgical, diamond, stones, polishers, prophylaxes, a.o.




Carbide, diamond, stones, polishers and mandrels




Each acurata product is the perfect result of concentrated research and professional manufacturing. All production steps within the company are subject to our own uncompromising quality control. The raw materials must meet our high requirements, just like the reliable functionality of our machinery.





acurata - Rotating instruments for dental laboratories

Dental instruments for dental practices and laboratories - directly from the manufacturer - acurata - rotating instruments.

The research, development and production of precision for dental and laboratory technology is our objective. Convince yourself of the premium quality. Rotating instruments from acurata - rotating instruments stand for high performance, durability, smoothness and efficiency.

The practical instruments have been specifically designed for daily use in the dental practice: in the product catalog you will find all the necessary dental equipment for all kinds of dental needs regarding rotary instruments.

Customized for the work in the dental laboratory, acurata - rotating instruments laboratory instruments provide optimal finishing. Carbide cutters and diamond tools support dental technology both professionally and economically.

The CAD / CAM dental instruments from acurata are designed especially for dealing with various materials in the dental laboratory. Since 2005 acurata has been the top manufacturer of the carbide cutter dental instrument for dental CNC machines in CAD / CAM technology.

For foot and nail treatments, acurata rotating instruments offers pedicure and manicure instruments for tough and delicate tasks in foot care and nail design. Pedicure and podiatry practices across Germany rely on the high quality nail cutting attachments on the rotating instruments from acurata.

Dental equipment - dental drills, surgical instruments & co.

The product catalog offers dental equipment for dental practices and dental laboratories. acurata dental equipment like dental drills, surgical instruments, diamond tools such as diamond drills, stones and polishers, dental equipment for prophylaxis, and root canal instruments all meet the very highest requirements. High performance, efficiency and perfection with precisely sized cutting geometries, 1 efficient cutting speed and a smooth running, while completely free of vibration, the carbide cutters stand out amongst the dentist instruments offered by acurata. The fine grain carbide cutters are manufactured using the latest CNC machines. acurata surgical tools - for swift separation. Beyond carbide cutters, diamond tools such as diamond drills, initial drills, pilot drills and trephan drills are produced.

Stones and polishers suitable for material in the treatment in dentistry are available, be it amalgam, composite, compomers, precious metals, NEM veneering, silicate and feldspar, sintered oxide and zirconium oxide ceramic, or plastic and titanium. In prophylaxis, the teeth whitening polisher allows for a gentle smoothing of the tooth enamel.

The root canal instruments assist the dentist in performing as sparing a root treatment as possible. The root canal instruments programme encompasses reamers made from RS-steel and Lentulo sprials. Root canal instruments made of nickel titanium and stainless spring steel are available in H file, K file and K-Reamer types in our dental equipment product catalog.

In the dental laboratory - laboratory-required precision in dental technology

The acurata imperial cutters, designed specifically for work in dental technology in dental laboratories, include a wide range of cutters made of carbide, diamond tools, as well as stones, polishers and mandrels. acurata manufactures rotary instruments at the highest level to meet laboratory requirements for dental technology. Workpieces made of ceramic, metal and plastic are precisely and efficiently processed in the dental laboratory by tools characterized by high performance and cost-effectiveness. Like the dental equipment, the laboratory instruments are manufactured using ultra-modern CNC machines; the special manufacturing process and sophisticated techniques used solely for acurata instruments present a major benefit to smooth operation in dental laboratories.

acurata imperial carbide cutters can also be used for CAM systems.

Grinding tools for zirconia, diamond instruments, sintered diamond tools such as stones, polishers, cutting wheels and mandrels smooth and polish the workpiece and complete our range of rotating instruments for the dental laboratory. 

Dental instruments for oral surgery

The dental equipment in the oral catalogue of acurata rotating instruments were especially designed for use in oral surgery in dental practices. Surgical instruments, carbide instruments such as carbide surgical cutters, initial drills, pilot drills, trephan drills and crown cutters are available in the oral surgery catalogue.

The orthodontics catalogue - practical tools

To achieve precise and accurate processing and manufacturing in orthodontics, acurata offers matching, rotating instruments for practices and the practice laboratories. The orthodontics catalogue encompasses dentistry instruments and orthodontic requirements, including carbide tools and polishers as well as brushes, in particular adhesive residue removers and polishers, silicone polishers, carbide finishers, dental cleaning and polishing brushes, and cutters for NEM and plastic, alongside galvanic diamonds and diamond discs; tools that significantly simplify and improve your daily work.

CAD / CAM dental - CAD / CAM systems in dental technology

The CAD / CAM dental catalog presents instruments for dental CAD / CAM systems. The carbide cutters work on PMMA, wax, CrCo, PEEK, titanium and green zirconium, and the shank can be selected from 3, 4 and 6mm thicknesses. CAD / CAM dental laboratory instruments are compatible with all major manufacturers such as Amann/Girrbach, VHF, ZENOTEC, ZENOTEC SELECT, Schütz, Goldquadrat, Zirkonzahn CNC System, I-MES, I-CORE, Roeders, Wissner, MB, Primacon, DMG, Wieland, Roland, Yenadent and Dental Concept Systems.

Rotating instruments for dental technology laboratories

The laboratory catalog from acurata for dental technology laboratories offers you high-performance tools for both precision and effectiveness. The laboratory catalog offers all the tools that you need in the dental laboratory. 

acurata imperial high-performance instruments are made of finest-grade carbide material using cutting-edge CNC machines and developed for the biggest tasks in dental technology laboratories.

The carbide cutter, which is suitable for CAM systems, convinces by its sway-free concentricity and excellent operation and material. The laboratory catalog includes tools for milling, the grinding of zirconia, diamond instruments, sintered diamond tools, stones and polishers, electroplated diamonds as well as diamond wheels and mandrels.

Rotating instruments for foot and nail care

Rotating instruments - including the instruments for foot and nail care in the nail salon and the podiatry practice. Again, the acurata imperial cutters used are characterized by a unsurpassed cutting capacity, smooth running and a long service life. acurata imperial cutters, a-diamond grinders and brushes are made and optimised for a variety of applications in foot care and nail treatment.

Convince yourself of the exceptional products of acurata - Your manufacturer for rotary instruments for dental practices and dental laboratories